Specialist Services.

Buying a classic Mercedes-Benz is, for many,  the realization of a lifetime's dream. You want to feel comfortable that the specialists that you will be buying from, will deliver the finest vehicle to the highest standards


If there's a classic Mercedes-Benz out there meant for you, we can find it. Today, our highly-skilled automotive engineers travel the globe inspecting, purchasing and restoring classic vehicles and parts on our customers' behalf. Irrespective of your budget and whether you are looking for a classic Mercedes to drive, invest in, on-going maintenance or basic advice - we are at your service


It is a source of great pride to Hemmels that owners from all corners of the globe appoint us to manage the restoration of their classic cars. We deliver investment grade restorations of excellent quality and sustained reliability - every single time.  With our in-depth knowledge, highly skilled and passionate craftsmen and their attention to detail, we deliver cars which represent the international standard of quality. 

Independent Valuation 

Hemmels will provide comprehensive valuation reports for classic Mercedes-Benz models, including the 300SL gullwing and roadster variants, 190SL and W113 Pagoda, for insurance, finance, legal, sale and purchase agreements. This independent valuation service is based on our extensive market knowledge, experience and industry knowledge and is delivered with the highest ethics and thoroughness. Our valuations are presented as a full appraisal electronic report tailored to the specific model. We will not provide a valuation without a thorough physical review of every car.

Asbestos Testing and Removal

There was a time, many decades ago, when asbestos was used as the friction material in clutches, automatic transmission and brake linings, and in gaskets. The use of asbestos in these components was prohibited many years ago, (e.g. from 1999 in the UK, with the exception that pre 1973 vehicles could continue to be fitted with asbestos containing brake shoes until 2004). Therefore, it is possible that some older and 'classic' vehicles could still contain these asbestos containing products. The supply, possession for supply and fitting of asbestos products to motor vehicle, trailers etc is now prohibited.

Hemmels provide a full Asbestos inspection testing service, including removal of any existing components that may be contaminated and replacement with modern equivalents, and an asbestos-free assurance report for your own peace-of-mind and to satisfy any import restrictions if you are importing a classic vehicle into certain countries.

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Custom trimming and coachworks

Maintain the character and appearance of your classic and increase its life-span. We offer a partial or full re–trim service for your classic Mercedes-Benz - restoring to original specification. Working with carpet, cloth, vinyl or leather, at the dedicated Hemmels' trim shop team use original specification materials and methods in all interiors including top quality leather hides, and woollen carpets. From single seats to full interior re-trims, new carpets, head linings and door panels.

Long-term Maintenance and Service plans

We don't just source and restore classic Mercedes, we keep them running on behalf of our clients as well. From a simple oil change to more comprehensive winter, summer and event preparation services, we will look after your classic Mercedes with the same exacting standards and attention to detail that goes into all of our world-class restorations.

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Finance your classic investment

In partnership with JBR Capital

Hemmels' exclusive UK finance partner, JBR Capital, can build a finance package perfectly suited to your circumstances. usually with very affordable terms, and realistic fixed or variable rates, staged payments and early settlement options.

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Customer Testimonials

After 3 decades collecting classic cars, I have finally found the company that has that same attention to detail and finish that I have always wanted. A phenomenal business and people.
B. Field, UK
1968 280SL, 1959 300SL Roadster
I really love what you guys are doing. Keep it up.
Kyle Molyneux, Editor, Mercedes Magazine
190E 2.6
I admire every car you produce. I am always looking forward to your workmanship and end product. I can be considered as a voyeur of your art.
Marcus Bonello, Malta
1970 280SL 
What a pleasure it is to work with Hemmels - not only did they make a generous offer for my car, but they followed through with the funds within hours. Splendid firm; I look forward to a continued association on a business footing."
Seamus O Dunlaing
Author, Ireland
1968 280SL 
"You are a rarity, to the point of unique. I love your approach and you will turn this industry on its head. "
N Babbington
1971 280SL 
"Hemmels offer that rare combination of knowledge and passion that removes any natural anxiety you have when dealing with an expensive and cherished classic car – I heartily recommend these guys to anyone who owns or is considering a classic Mercedes."
K. Huyvers
1970 280SL Roadster (Sales, Servicing)
"For me, over the last 20 years, buying classics has often felt like a roll of the dice. This time I've come up trumps. Keep it up Joe and Jon, you're winning. One day all classic car businesses will operate in this way."
G. Bailforth
1970 280SL (Manual)
"I would like to thank you all for your help selling my dad's old Porsche at a difficult time for our family. Your manner, the open and honest approach and your advice was refreshing. and so different from some of the others I dealt with. I'm more than happy to provide a reference - keep it up the good work."
Mark Lynch
Co. Cork, Ireland
Import to UK and sale of 356 Roadster