Classic 1971 Mercedes-Benz W113 280SL Pagoda Roadster in Anthracite with red interior

W113 280SL Pagoda

A Classic Mercedes-Benz 280SL - For You

For over half a century the Mercedes-Benz W113 280 SL Pagoda has captured hearts with its breath-taking beauty and advanced engineering. It is a motorcar born from a time when grace and taste were the essence of design.

Hemmels welcomes you to a new era of elegance, with an invitation to create an exclusive classic motorcar that is handcrafted to perfection and ready for a new dawn.

Whether you bring us your car or we source the ideal restoration candidate, your Hemmels 280 SL Pagoda is waiting to be conceived, styled and reborn, for you.

Classic 1971 Mercedes-Benz W113 280SL Pagoda Roadster in Anthracite with red interior driving in mountains in Wales

The Pagoda Legend

Beyond the stunning attractiveness of the 280 SL is an unmatched versatility. This is a motorcar made for year-round adventure.

Lower the soft top and you are connected to the open world, living in the moment.  For evening appearances, the seductively curved Pagoda hardtop exudes sophistication and allure.  Inside is a symphony of chrome, a stunning instrument panel and luxurious leather surroundings.

Classic 1971 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda  Anthracite with Jet  at Cardiff AirportClassic 1971 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda  Anthracite windowClassic 1971 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda  Anthracite  badge

Inside Your 280 SL Pagoda

Open to the world or cocooned in elegance, each element of the interior is styled and hand-crafted just for you in the leather, colours and textures of your choosing.

Classic 1970 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda  biscuit interiorClassic 1970 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda at London Classic Car ShowClassic 1970 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda wheel

Exclusively Yours

This is your car, built to your vision. We’ll work together to find the perfect combination that captures your spirit and makes a statement of distinction. You can go beyond Mercedes-Benz colours to create a car like no other, or commission your Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda to be just as it originally left the factory.

Classic 1969 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda Speedometer Horizon BlueClassic 1969 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda Speedometer Parchment InteriorClassic 1969 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda Speedometer Horizon Blue at Hemmels Workshop

Personalise Your 280 SL

Hemmels offers a wealth of options and accessories to refine your classic motorcar and express your individuality.

You can choose a polished engine or opt for the factory original look. Headlamps can be styled as per US or EU spec. There's also options to upgrade your comfort with air-conditioning and heated seats. And of course you can add a retro-look in-car entertainment system to keep you company on those grand tours.

Like buying a new luxury car you can personalise your Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda with headrests, a wind deflector, whitewall tyres, electric antenna - the list is endless.

Classic Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda  polished engineClassic 1970 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda Headlamp HeadlightClassic 1969 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda retro stereo

Hemmels Warranty and Service Plan

Pride in Perfection is our company motto and we stand behind our words. With every component of your car inspected, restored and reborn as per our Neugeboren Process, Hemmels proudly and confidently includes a full 12 month parts & labour warranty.

For added convenience we offer a Service Plan to ensure your classic Mercedes-Benz W113 280SL Pagoda is always in good hands and ready for worry-free motoring.

Classic 1971 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda  in silver by Cardiff marinaClassic 1971 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda  black interiorClassic 1971 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda  with silver hubcap

Commissioning Process

Commissioning your 280 SL Pagoda is just like ordering a new luxury car with defined Commencement, Creation phase and Delivery dates.

A Hemmels 280 SL Pagoda is created in 52 weeks, according to the strict schedule of the Neugeboren Process, with its precise restoration activities and planned milestones.

We’ll take the journey together and share the experience on your personal portal with regular updates and photographs.

Deliver Classic 1968 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda in Midnight BlueClassic 1968 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda in Midnight Blue with tan interior

Start Your Classic Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda

Now you can create a truly extraordinary classic motorcar of elegance and grace, personally inspired and exclusively refined.

Pristine. Timeless. Exquisite.

For those who demand perfection, the world’s finest Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda is waiting to be reborn, for you.

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Destination: Cote d' Azur

How does it feel to acquire the world's finest Pagoda? See one client's joy as he realises his dream to drive to the French Riviera in this beautiful model finished in Anthracite with red leather interior..

...a step-change in the market
Editor, The Mercedes-Benz Owners Club Gazette
Hemmels Is Perfecting The Pagoda And Beyond.
... a reputation for excellence
giancarlo perlas, Benzinsider
Editor, BenzInsider
After 3 decades collecting classic cars, I have finally found the company that has that same attention to detail and finish that I have always wanted. A phenomenal business and people.
B. Field, UK
1968 280SL, 1959 300SL Roadster
I really love what you guys are doing. Keep it up.
Kyle Molyneux, Editor, Mercedes ENTHUSIAST Magazine
Editor, Mercedes Enthusiast
I admire every car you produce. I am always looking forward to your workmanship and end product. I can be considered as a voyeur of your art.
Marcus Bonello, Malta
1970 280SL 
What a pleasure it is to work with Hemmels - not only did they make a generous offer for my car, but they followed through with the funds within hours. Splendid firm.
Seamus O Dunlaing Ireland
1968 280SL 
"You are a rarity, to the point of unique. I love your approach and you will turn this industry on its head"
N Babbington
1971 280SL 
"Hemmels offer that rare combination of knowledge and passion that removes any natural anxiety you have when dealing with an expensive and cherished classic car – I heartily recommend these guys to anyone who owns or is considering a classic Mercedes."
K. Huyvers
1970 280SL Roadster (Sales, Servicing)
"For me, over the last 20 years, buying classics has often felt like a roll of the dice. This time I've come up trumps. Keep it up Joe and Jon, you're winning. One day all classic car businesses will operate in this way."
G. Bailforth
1970 280SL (Manual)
"Your manner, the and honest approach and advice was truly refreshing. and so different from the others I dealt with. I'm more than happy to provide a reference - keep up the good work."
Mark Lynch, Co. Cork, Ireland
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