Classic Mercedes-Benz W198 300SL Roadster in silver with red interior and black  hardtop

W198 300SL Series

Your Classic Mercedes-Benz 300SL Awaits

Imagine the opportunity to drive a "new" classic Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing or Roadster, as pristine as when it left the factory - created to your exact specifications and in your dream colours.

Whether you bring us your 300SL or we source the ideal restoration candidate for you, the technicians, artisans and craftspeople at Hemmels can turn your vision into a stunning reality.

For those discerning connoisseurs who desire the very best, Hemmels invites you to commission your very own icon of the 20th Century.

Classic Mercedes-Benz W198 300SL Gullwing front view doors open in silver with red interior

1954–1957 300SL Gullwing

With its iconic gullwing doors and tilt-away steering wheel the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Coupe, or simply “Gullwing”, is the first of the legendary SL (sports light) series.  

The curves of the sleek design are perfectly adorned with body accents and tasteful inflections of chrome. Inside you are enveloped in luxurious leather and treated to a visual spectacle of unparalleled elegance.

Classic Mercedes-Benz W198 300SL Roadster by marina in rain silver with red interior and black hardtop

1957–1963 300SL Roadster

The Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster changes its character and appearance to suit your aspirations.

The hardtop is perfect for year round, all weather touring. For evening appearances on those cool nights the soft top makes the perfect chapeau.

With the top down the open road beacons, connecting you to the world around you during coastal cruises and city sojourns.

Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster Tour

Take a tour through the ancient towns, lush valleys and rugged coastline of Wales, on a fine Spring morning.

Create Your Classic Mercedes-Benz 300SL

The freedom to design your 300SL Gullwing or Roadster is as liberating as the journeys you’ll take.  A world of colours, textures, accents and options awaits your instruction.  Follow your dreams.  Whatever your vision, we’re here to make your 300SL as unique as you.

Colour Your World

This is your car – your statement to the world - and anything is possible.  Every colour on your classic 300SL from the body to the stitches of the interior is ready to be defined.  You can request the original Mercedes-Benz factory colour palette or let inspiration and personal vision be your guide.

Hand-crafted Refinements

The extensive leather interior of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL is hand-crafted by Hemmels artisans to provide a stunning appearance and a luxurious experience on every outing. New glass on the instruments and impeccably re-vitalised chrome fittings add sparkle befitting of a motorcar of this stature.

Just as the 300SL was originally manufactured, the perfect finish relies on a commitment by all of our craftsmen and women to achieve the very best.

A Personalised 300SL for You

With options and enhancements we can define your car to be as unique as you. You can can add USB charge points. Choose a beautifully polished engine bay or keep it original. Add a hidden in-car entertainment system with Bluetooth, Audio Streaming and hands-free.

Have something special in mind?

We're here to make your dream classic Mercedes-Benz 300SL a reality.

Superb Quality

A Hemmels motorcar is like no other.  Our Neugeboren (new born) Process demands that each 300SL is re-born, better than new. Every component is painstakingly renewed or replaced to a specification that achieves or exceeds the original factory standard.

Some 50 craftspeople share a passion for perfection in our dedicated facility that has been designed for breathing new life into the world’s finest Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwings and Roadsters.      

The result is a motorcar of uncompromising quality that attracts scores of admirers and surpasses the expectations of even the most critical eye.

And we stand behind our craftsmanship with a full one year parts and labour warranty, as a commitment to our clients and a testimony to the quality of a Hemmels motorcar restoration.

Let Your Mercedes-Benz 300SL Journey Begin

The Mercedes-Benz 300SL is truly one of the masterpieces of the 20th Century.

A work of art and an engineering triumph, perhaps no other motorcar exudes the level of sophistication and grace that has captivated onlookers for generations.

Now you can commission one of mankind's most coveted creations to be reborn and refined as you have dreamed.

Hemmels welcomes you to a new era of elegance. Let your 300SL journey begin.

...a step-change in the market
Editor, The Mercedes-Benz Owners Club Gazette
Hemmels Is Perfecting The Pagoda And Beyond.
... a reputation for excellence
giancarlo perlas, Benzinsider
Editor, BenzInsider
After 3 decades collecting classic cars, I have finally found the company that has that same attention to detail and finish that I have always wanted. A phenomenal business and people.
B. Field, UK
1968 280SL, 1959 300SL Roadster
I really love what you guys are doing. Keep it up.
Kyle Molyneux, Editor, Mercedes ENTHUSIAST Magazine
Editor, Mercedes Enthusiast
I admire every car you produce. I am always looking forward to your workmanship and end product. I can be considered as a voyeur of your art.
Marcus Bonello, Malta
1970 280SL 
What a pleasure it is to work with Hemmels - not only did they make a generous offer for my car, but they followed through with the funds within hours. Splendid firm.
Seamus O Dunlaing Ireland
1968 280SL 
"You are a rarity, to the point of unique. I love your approach and you will turn this industry on its head"
N Babbington
1971 280SL 
"Hemmels offer that rare combination of knowledge and passion that removes any natural anxiety you have when dealing with an expensive and cherished classic car – I heartily recommend these guys to anyone who owns or is considering a classic Mercedes."
K. Huyvers
1970 280SL Roadster (Sales, Servicing)
"For me, over the last 20 years, buying classics has often felt like a roll of the dice. This time I've come up trumps. Keep it up Joe and Jon, you're winning. One day all classic car businesses will operate in this way."
G. Bailforth
1970 280SL (Manual)
"Your manner, the and honest approach and advice was truly refreshing. and so different from the others I dealt with. I'm more than happy to provide a reference - keep up the good work."
Mark Lynch, Co. Cork, Ireland
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